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#LiteraryQuestionsTag: Answering Bookish Questions

Hello dear readers!

On today’s blog, I decided to do a bookish tag. I was tagged on my bookstagram, and instead of making a post there, I decided to make a blog post.

This is the #LiteraryQuestionsTag!

What do you specifically look for in a book?

I specifically look for good character development. As a reader, I love connecting with the characters in a story. Most of my favorite books became my favorites because of how well I connected with the characters.

I love reading characters that are complex and have multiple layers to them. Seeing the character developing in a book is one of the best things I could ask for.

When it comes to characters, I also specifically look for new ideas. I love reading different tropes, but I absolutely hate when the characters are too cliché or too similar to everything that’s already on the market. I like it when I get surprised. When something that feels like a cliché has a twist that makes it feel new and refreshing.

An author that intimidates or scares you?

Brandon Sanderson.

He’s famously known for writing amazing epic fantasy and sci-fi novels. I know for a fact he’s written some amazing novels that have changed the genre. He’s pretty legendary.

However, I’ve never read any of his books. I know he has many, especially long book series with complex and interesting worldbuilding. That honestly terrifies me because I will either get overwhelmed with the amount of information, or I will become obsessed and stop reading anything else.

I know for sure I’ll read one of his books one day, I just don’t know when haha!

The last book you disliked?

Lore by Alexandra Bracken.

I’m going to be honest, I only read the first couple of chapters before moving it to my DNF pile.

I was very excited about this book! I usually enjoy anything related to Greek mythology and this one seemed to have a great premise. But as soon as I started reading it, all of my excitement disappeared.

I didn’t like the writing style and the plot was not moving as fast as I wanted it to go. I disliked the characters and the story didn’t catch my attention enough for me to try to get to know them.

I know a lot of people really liked this book, and maybe I will give it another chance one day.

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Your most read author?

My most read author is Cassandra Clare.

I’ve read all of the books in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. I’m actually obsessed with them!

I started reading them before Clockwork Princess came out, and since then I’ve been pre-ordering and reading the books on the series as soon as they come out.

Another author that I’ve read a lot from is Rick Riordan.

He’s my inspiration! One day, I want to write mythology-inspired fantasy novels like he does. I’ve read most of his books. The only series I’m missing from the Percy Jackson universe is the last one, the one about Apollo.

A character you can relate to?

Too many!!

From the top of my head, I relate to characters like Alec Lightwood or Simon Lewis from the Shadowhunter Chronicles, Wylan Van Eck from Six of Crows, and Sophie from Howls Moving Castle.

But the one I can relate to the most is Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. She’s an anxious girl that writes fanfiction and does not know how to interact with others outside of her comfort circle. When I first read Fangirl, I felt so identified with Cath, it was heartwarming.

That book, and Cath specifically, helped me understand a lot of things about my own anxiety. Fangirl is now my comfort book, and a lot of it is because of how much I can relate to Cath.

Share your answers with me! Let me know in your comments 🙂

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