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Book Review: The Atlas Six

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

Book Rating: 4/5 stars

I first purchased The Atlas Six because I heard really good comments about it. I’m not going to lie, I actually got it because of TikTok and Bookstagram.

Everyone was raving about how much they enjoyed the book. Plus, the idea of a Dark Academia fantasy book attracted me so much. So I purchased it on Kindle and decided to read it.

Additionally to reading it on Kindle, I was also listening to the audiobook. I kept switching back and forth between the two so I could read it at any chance I got. So I would listen to the audiobook while working and then read the Kindle while in bed or on public transport. I have to admit this method worked so well for me and I want to try it out with other books on my tbr!

The Plot

The Atlas Six is about a group of six extraordinary people with different powers. They’re all invited to study at The Alexandrian Society, which is a secret society of magical academicians.

Livvy, Nico, Callum, Tristan, Parisa, and Reina are all considered the best, and they all accept the invitation. The Alexandrian Society gives them access to all the knowledge in the world. The catch, however, is that at the end of one year of studying they’ll have to go through initiation and only five of them will continue on.

Reading Playlist

While I was reading the book, I had a small playlist going. I decided to make a playlist to share it with you.

I have a couple more playlists and I’ll make more for the books that I read. You can follow my Spotify!

My Thoughts

I thought the book was really good!

I liked all the characters, which is something that rarely happens. Usually, when there’s a big group of main characters, there’s always someone I dislike. But the six of them were so amazing!

Each character was unique and so complex. I liked them because their powers were interesting, and the author’s take on each power was refreshing.

The pacing of the story wasn’t my favorite. I thought it was too fast, and I didn’t get to dwell too much on some details like I would have liked to. There were many times when I felt like the author was telling me things instead of just showing me. Storytelling 101 is “show, don’t tell” so it was a bit disappointing on that regard, but I could still overlook that and enjoy the book.

I have so many ships, this book drove me crazy! I swear if some characters don’t get together in book two I’ll riot! I also felt like it wasn’t queer enough, but it’s getting there. I have high hopes for the second book and I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

Have you read The Atlas Six?

Tell me in the comments if you have! What were your thoughts? Who is your favorite character?

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