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Books I Want To Read in 2023

2023 is here, and I am the most excited to find amazing reads! My favorite thing to do on January 1st is to set my reading challenge goal. Literally, the first thing I do when I wake up on the first day of the year is log into Goodreads and StoryGraph to set up my…

13 Book Recs Based on Midnights by Taylor Swift

Many of you might now know this, but I’m a big swiftie. I’ve been for many years now, and I just love all of her songs. Recently I’ve been obsessed with her latest album, Midnights. It came out one month ago and I still have it on repeat on Spotify. I haven’t been able to…

#LiteraryQuestionsTag: Answering Bookish Questions

Hello dear readers! On today’s blog, I decided to do a bookish tag. I was tagged on my bookstagram, and instead of making a post there, I decided to make a blog post. This is the #LiteraryQuestionsTag! What do you specifically look for in a book? I specifically look for good character development. As a…

London: A City of Beautiful Bookshops

I’ve been living as a digital nomad for four months now, and my latest destination was London. I’ve never been to London before, but I have always been in love with it. Living there for a month was a dream come true, and I loved every second of it. While in London I got the…


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